PRISMA - Sustainability Assessment and Policy Award for groundbreaking research on sustainability assessment and policy Topic: biodiversity - stewardship for vital resources

PRISMA - Centre for Sustainability Assessment is a virtual platform for scientists and researchers from institutions including Technische Universität Dresden, UNU-FLORES, Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER), as well as private companies to conduct joint research on assessment and policies for sustainability. The studies undertaken at PRISMA often consider spatial and time-related conditions, and involve the transfer of research results into politics, industry and society.

The PRISMA Award is intended to acknowledge scientists for their excellent research presented in an outstanding publication in the field of sustainability assessment and policy.

Candidates could apply with a recently published paper in a peer-reviewed, well recognized scientific journal, showcasing their substantial contribution to the field of sustainability assessment and policy in the context of the DNC’s topic “Biodiversity – stewardship for vital resources”.

The second edition of the PRISMA - Sustainability Assessment and Policy Award has seen the submission of over 50 applications from across the world.

The official virtual Award Ceremony will take place during the Dresden Nexus Conference 2022 on 25th May, 01:00 pm CET.