DNC2022 welcomes contributions that analyse and advance our understanding of the resource nexus for sustainability transformation. The contributions should be assigned to one of the sessions listed below. These contributions should address the questions of the panel accordingly and further link their research directly or indirectly to the conference topic of biodiversity and the nexus. The conference welcomes contributions from research and practice, using a disciplinary research perspective or an inter- or transdisciplinary approach. Conceptual contributions are equally welcome as rigorous quantitative and qualitative empirical analyses set out as single case or comparative studies.


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IDSession TitleConvener
S01Theoretical and Methodical Opportunities for Cross-scale Integrated Earth System Assessments Jochen Schanze (IOER, Germany); Dieter Gerten (PIK, Germany)
S02 Biodiversity RestorationWolfgang Wende (IOER, Germany); Ariel Brunner (Bird Life Europe, Brussels, Belgium)
S03Biodiversity Offsets / No Net Loss / Net GainMartine Maron (The University of Queensland, Australia); Wolfgang Wende (IOER, Germany);

Rayka Hauser (EU Commission, DG Environment, Biodiversity Unit);

Matthias Herbert (Federal Nature Conservation Agency, Germany)

S04Relational values and planning of urban nature and biodiversityConstantina Alina Hossu (University of Bucharest, Romania); Martina Artmann (IOER, Germany)
S05Urban green mappingRobert Hecht, Tobias Krüger (IOER, Germany); Jochen A.-G. Jaeger (Concordia University, Canada)
S06National Ecosystem Accountings - cancelledRalf-Uwe Syrbe, Karsten Grunewald (IOER, Germany); Sabine Lange (MAIA, Leibniz University Hanover, Germany)
S07Measurement methods and indicators of regional and urban sustainability with a focus on the public sectorJon Morris (IOER, Germany); Adrian Solomon (South-East European Research Centre, Greece)
S08Sustainability Assessment − From concepts to methodical implementationSamanthi Silva (LUL, Germany); Jochen Schanze (IOER, Germany); Dominik Möst (TUD, Germany); Peter Saling (TUD / BASF, Germany); Edeltraud Günther (UNU FLORES, Germany)
S09Creating Circular Value in Building StocksGeorg Schiller (IOER, Germany); Raimund Bleischwitz (UNU FLORES, Germany)
S10Biodiversity in urban development – planning strategies and instrumentsPuay Yok Tan (Director Singapore Botanic Gardens/National University of Singapore, Singapore); Juliane Mathey, Stefanie Rößler, Wolfgang Wende (IOER, Germany); Robert Spreter, Robert Bartz (German Alliance of Municipalities for Biodiversity, Germany); Beatrice Chng, Youde Tang (ICLEI Asia,  South Korea)
S11Promoting Corporate Biodiversity Management Through Stakeholder InvolvementRemmer Sassen (TUD, Germany); Stefan Schaltegger (Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany)
S12Pollination for sustainable food production - cancelledKatharina Stein (TUD / CIPSEM, Germany); Hien Ngo (IPBES, now with FAO, Germany)
S13Resource Neutral Engineering – Adding Value by Saving ResourcesMaik Gude (TUD, Germany); Ashish Kamalakar Darpe (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India)
S14Exploring Biodiversity and Economy ConnectionsMorgan Hauptfleisch (Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia); Patrick O'Farrell (UNU FLORES, South Africa)
S15Fostering Collective Action: Mainstreaming Biodiversity Across Sectors

Marianne Darbi (Hochschule Geisenheim University); Atiqah Fairuz Salleh (UNU FLORES, Germany)

S16The Resource Nexus for new modes of science-policy interactionChrysi Laspidou (University of Thessaly, Greece); Floor Brouwer (UNU FLORES, The Netherlands)
S17Advancing Water Security by Climate Change AdaptationJürgen Stamm (TUD, Germany); Daniel Karthe (UNU FLORES, Germany); Holger Schüttrumpf (RWTH Aachen, Germany); Mukand Singh Babel (AIT Bangkok, Thailand); Sannasi Annamalaisamy Sannasiraj (IIT Chennai, India)
S18Resource Nexus Perspectives on Coal Regions in TransitionDaniel Karthe (UNU FLORES, Germany); Andrés Ángel (UNU FLORES, Germany); Franziska Stölzel (Universität Graz, Austria); Alexey Alekseenko (St Petersburg Mining University, Russian Federation)
S19Governance of agri-food systemsCarsten Daugbjerg (University of Copenhagen, Denmark); Sabrina Kirschke (UNU FLORES, Germany)
S20Agriculture practices, climate change, and biodiversity: adaptive management and integrative policy frameworkLulu Zhang (UNU FLORES, Germany); Caridad Canales Davila (United Nations Environment Programme)
S21The Blue Economy: contributing to net zero carbon, a circular economy and the nexusRaimund Bleischwitz (UNU FLORES, Germany); Tim Jennerjahn, Martin Zimmer (ZMT Bremen, Germany)
SS1Insights from the International Course on Restoration towards Green Recovery

Melvis Anep Aben (Action for Sustainable Development, Cameroon); Madhulika Bhati (CSIR-National Institute of Science, India); Katharina Stein (CIPSEM, Germany)

SS2Innovation Challenges for the Resource Nexus in the Global SouthFloor Brouwer (UNU FLORES, The Netherlands); Rabi Mohtar (Texas A&M University, USA)
OSOpen SessionKatharina Stein (CIPSEM, Germany)