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Recognising the complex and interwoven role of biodiversity in the Resource Nexus: Signatory Document of the DNC 2022

DNC conference signatory document
A conference signatory document is a statement that emerges from a meeting containing the collective views of delegates who have contributed thinking, negotiated and debated its contents and agreed or signed off on the final statements. It is typically a position statement that captures our current best understanding and provides a departure point from which to move forward.

At the 2022 DNC, and keeping in line with this meeting's focus, we have collectively co-developed the above-titled document, which establishes our shared understanding of the role of biodiversity in the resource nexus. Below you will find information on how to access and sign this document if you so choose.

Aim of this document
The DNC 2022 signatory document aims to highlight the role biodiversity plays in underpinning the resource nexus. It captures the collective thinking around the DNC 2022 meeting on this issue, and was developed through reviewing conference abstracts and session descriptions, integration of current literature and policy documents, and the direct contributions made by delegates.

Who should sign and why?
We want to encourage all the delegates who attended this meeting to add their support to this document by signing. We would also like to encourage the local government officials who have engaged with nexus issues and the DNC to do so too. In addition, we would welcome all support from interested parties who support its contents to sign here as well. By signing the DNC 2022 signatory product, you provide support for the main message here that biodiversity is critical because it underpins a variety of natural resources and is a key component in meeting the SDG’s.

How to sign?
Please fill in the form providing your name, surname, email address, affiliation, and consent for the DNC2022 organisers to process your data to publish your name on the DNC website or elsewhere as a signal of your support (in your personal capacity) for the DNC2022 signatory product. You will receive a verification email to the address you shared with us; please confirm that it is you and that your data is correct so we can include you in the list. If your data is incorrect or you wish to delete it, please write an email to with your request.

We very much appreciate your support with this vital issue and the DNC2022 Signatory Product: Recognising the complex and interwoven role of biodiversity in the Resource Nexus.

DNC2022 was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) - WE 3057/8-1.

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Status: 11/22/22