Signatory Product

Recognising the complex and interwoven role of biodiversity in the Resource Nexus: Signatory Document of the DNC 2022

At this year's DNC, and keeping in line with this meeting's focus, we are collectively co-developing the above-titled document, which establishes and confirms our shared understanding of the role of biodiversity in the resource nexus. Below you will find information on how to access the document and how to contribute to its development. 


What is a conference signatory document?

A conference signatory document is a statement that emerges from a meeting containing the collective views of delegates who have contributed thinking, negotiated and debated its contents and agreed or signed off on the final statements. It is typically a position statement that captures our current best understanding and provides a departure point from which to move forward.


What information does this document contain?

The DNC 2022 signatory document highlights the role biodiversity plays in underpinning the Resource Nexus. This document will become a key point of departure for future research in the resource nexus area.

The current draft posted in this link (hyper link to draft PDF here), captures our initial thinking on this topic. This draft has been developed by Patrick O’Farrell (UNU FLORES)  and Carlos Miguel Landivar Albis (University of Freiburg) in conjunction with the DNC Science and Advisory Committee. It has been developed through the review of submitted conference abstracts in association with session descriptions and the integration of current academic literature and policy documents.


How can you contribute to the DNC Signatory Document’s development?

Contribute by reading the draft document and then providing us with comments on this draft, according to page and line number, in this comment sheet .


What are the timeframes for comments and inputs?

Delegates are encouraged to read through the document during the meeting and to provide comments and suggestions in the google comments sheet. Please do so no later than 31 May 2022. Following this, we will integrate these into the document's final version. Once complete, this final version  - Recognising the complex and interwoven role of biodiversity in the Resource Nexus: Signatory Document of the DNC 2022 will be emailed to all delegates and published on the hosting institutions’ websites.

We look forwards to your contributions.


Please send all queries and questions to: